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We provide Line Maintenance tasks up to the A Check. Discover our Line Maintenance Stations Worldwide.

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AAC Congo Civil Aviation Authority

AMO UK Civil Aviation Authority

Bailiwick of Guernsey Civil Aviation

CAA of Uzbekistan

ECAA Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority

LYCAA Libyan Civil Aviation Authority

ANAC-BF Agence Nationale de l'Aviation Civile du Burkina Faso

Maintenance Organization Terms of Approvals

Rating A1

Airplane above 5.700 Kg.

Rating A1

Airbus Family

  • A318/A319 /A320/A321 (CFM56)
  • A319/A320/A321 (IAE V2500)
  • A318/A319/A320 /A321 (CFM LEAP-1)
  • A319/A320/A321 (IAE PW-1100 G)
  • A330 (GE CF6)
  • A330 (PW 4000
  • A330 (RR Trent 700)
  • A330 (RR Trent 7000)

Rating A1

Boeing Family

  • B737-100/200 (JT8)
  • B737-300/400/500 (CFM56)
  • B737-600/700/800/900 (CFM56)
  • B737-7/-8/-9 (CFM LEAP-1B) – B777-200/300 (GE 90)
  • B777-200/300 (PW 4000)
  • B777-200/300 (RR Trent 800)
  • Boeing 787-8/9/10 (GEnx)
  • Boeing 787-8/9/10 (RR Trent 1000)
  • Boeing 767-200/300/400

Rating A1


  • ERJ170-series (CF34)
  • ERJ190-series (CF34)
  • ATR 42-400/500/72-212A (PWC PW120)
  • ATR 72-100/200 series (PWC PW120)
  • Bombardier CL-600-2C10 / 2D15 / 2D24 / 2E25 (GE CF34)
  • Bombardier DHC-8-400

Rating B1


Rating B1

CFM Int S.A. – CFM 56 series

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