We provide Line Maintenance tasks up to the A Check

EU Wings is a MRO which heavily relies on its flexibility. We always try to satisfy the requests of our customers, by providing Line Maintenance services in various stations based in Europe and in other places all around the world. We perform Night-Stop Assistance, AOG Support (24/7), Daily & Weekly Checks-Up to A Checks, Transit Checks (Pre-Flight & Pre-Departure), OOP Performing, together with the services reported below.


EU Wings Services include

Trouble Shooting

Any corrective actions will be carried out by our trained and competent personnel in accordance with the applicable technical manuals and in coordination with our customers’ MCC, in order to meet both the regulatory requirements and your specific requests.

Defect rectification

In case of snags reported by the flight crew, our experienced and skilled engineers will be able to search and identify the faults that have occurred, providing a prompt response and feedback to our customers, in order to reduce the airplane ground time as much as possible.

Component Replacement

Component replacement with use of external test equipment and component replacement, which may include components such as engines and propellers.

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance and/or checks such as visual inspections, including borescope inspections, that shall detect obvious unsatisfactory conditions/discrepancies but do not require extensive in-depth inspection. This includes the internal structure, systems and engine parts which are visible through quick opening access panels/doors.

Minor Repairs

Minor repairs and modifications which do not require extensive disassembly and may be accomplished by simple means.

Aircraft Disinfection

EU WINGS offers its customers aircraft dedicated cleaning and disinfection services for the Flight Deck, passenger cabin, cargo compartments and toilets.
The products used to clean and disinfect are compliant with the requirements of the main aircraft manufacturers (Airbus, Boeing, Embraer) and meet the SAE AMS 1452/1453 standards. With a view to efficient and safe services, EU WINGS guarantees that its own staff is equipped with proper personal protections and follows the procedures in alignment with the health organization recommendations.

Borescope Inspection

EU Wings is certified to perform borescope inspections with highly skilled staff specialized on this task. Our state of the art equipment (MENTOR VISUAL IQ™ – General Electric) has also measurement capabilities with video and audio recording. We can also perform borescope inspections “off wing” thanks to our Rating B1 on the CFM series engines.


EU Wings is capable to perform specific training on FTS, HF, EWIS through its online platform, furthermore we are also qualified to assist in the achievement of the necessary “On-the-Job Training” those who wish to initiate the Certifying Staff career. Our instructors can supply General Familiarization courses on specific aircraft types and Safety and Quality System Courses.

AOG Support

EU WINGS is capable of assisting any Airline in an AOG situation

In terms of operational costs of an Airline, any AOG situation becomes an enormous loss in relation to prestige, reliability and money, so for this reason, EU Wings is capable of assisting any Airline in an AOG situation at any of its approved Line Stations and abroad, throughout Italy. For this purpose, we are able to maintain any aircraft or any component for which it is approved at any location subject to the need for such maintenance arising either from the unserviceability of the aircraft and/or component or from the necessity of supporting occasional line maintenance (AOG).


Through its partner Aliplan srl, EU Wings is capable to support any Airline with Engineering Expertise ranging from the continuing airworthiness management of any Owner aircraft to airworthiness reviews, emergency equipment, airworthiness directives, service bulletins, maintenance schedule and program, MEL, repair engineering, modifications, aircraft phase-in, phase-out and general engineering management and documents.

Aircraft Delivery

We will follow all the steps necessary to have a smooth aircraft fased into your fleet, taking care of all the technical aspects that we all know have a tremendous impact on the normal aircraft operations and thus on the airline business.

Aircraft Dismantling

Through the dismantling and recycling of the metal, plastic and composite materials of retiring aircraft, the aerospace industry can maximize the value of its aging investments. EU Wings is capable of dismantling aircraft in an efficient and environmentally-sound manner and we are dedicated in helping you recover, part out, dismantle and recycle your aircraft. Our process is safe and understanding the high cost to store aircraft, we operate in a quick way. Our team-members are licensed engineers and we dismantle and remove all requested parts in accordance with the manufacturer’s maintenance manuals and associated approved maintenance data.

Safety Management System

Our staff has a wide experience in the Safety Management System and thanks to our partner Company, Safe-Aware srl we can help our Customers by supplying them a specialized software, that will automate all the Safety processes.

We Support any Airline with Engineering Expertise