EU Wings is an aircraft Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) certified under EASA Part 145 regulation, by ENAC, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (Certification n° IT.145.0342),  and other CAA worldwide

We are a dynamic Company

EU WINGS drives support towards the Aviation World

With more than a decade of experience in the field, we drive our support towards the Aviation World such as, but not limited to, Airlines, Lessors or simply, aircraft Owners in the need of technical assistance, ranging from normal certified maintenance right through Airworthiness management and control.

Full Airworthiness Reviews

Experienced in aircraft phase-in and/or phase-out processes 

We have acquired real experience in aircraft phase-in and/or phase-out processes, full Airworthiness reviews, aircraft heavy checks, engine shop visit assistance and survey and Engineering support.

Additionally, we are also highly experienced in airliner start-up activities and offer full technical support and assistance, from the identification on the market of the right aircraft to lead into service, to the start-up of all aircraft related documents required in terms of flight operations and hence, Authority aircraft technical acceptance.


Vincenzo De Laurentis

Chief Executive

Senior person with a wide experience in the aviation field, ranging from aircraft industry design to engineering management and airlines strategy, with over 30 years in the aviation business in technical and management matters. 

Marco Colantoni

Quality Manager

Senior person, highly reliable and experienced, with over 20 years in the aviation business in quality and safety fields. Safety and Quality Manager for an important Airport Organisation in the last 10 years.

Marco Mistai

Maintenance Manager

Senior person with an extensive experience in line maintenance and manpower resources management, with over 20 years in aviation maintenance matters for major Airlines and MROs. 


Airlines have to quickly react to market demands

Today, Airlines have to quickly react to market demands, which continuously require new destinations and connections, this is why Airline managers think over and over that airlines should concentrate on their core business that is the passengers’ transport.

Attention on non-core Business Topics

While Airlines can easily change flight destinations, 
the management of the line maintenance requires higher efforts on logistics and organisation, this diverts the attention on non-core business topics and increases the operational costs.

EU WINGS is the best solution

We can assist any Airline


Providing professional expertise in the line maintenance and its proper support.


Offering high-quality level of services and flexibility


Addressing to our Customer’s requirements, ensuring minimum ground time to their aircraft.